Welcome to Poppee's Popcorn

Welcome to the on-line branch of Poppee’s Popcorn, Inc., home of the Jenny’s brand.

Our family owned business manufactures popcorn, cheese corn, caramel corn, hot cheese corn, cheese curls, and our hull-less caramel corn dittos.

At Jenny’s, we’ve been popping small batches of popcorn by hand since the late 1950’s. Our special stove top popping process means you’ll taste the freshest popcorn possible in every bag!

“One taste of this business and I couldn't get enough, one taste of our products and you won't be able to get enough.”—Tim McGuire, Founder. We know you’ll appreciate Jenny’s “old fashioned” quality and goodness.

Visit Our Snack Shop

If you are in the area, be sure to visit Jenny’s Snack Shop where you can purchase all of our delicious items fresh from the factory.

Thanks for visiting our website and have a good time looking around!